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Two Underwear Theses in North Carolina

North Carolina is a world leader in producing student theses about underwear. Here are two. [The first might be summarized by saying: “Witness the fitness of His work”]

Sizing and Fit of Men’s Underwear,” Taihesia Altovise Ross, master’s degree thesis, North Carolina State University, 2005.

The author begins by saying: “Although my name is attached to this thesis I must admit that God has been the true author; because every word, table and figure have only been made possible through Him.”

She finishes with these words: “Of the 67% of respondents that were dissatisfied with underpants, most (35%) wore a size large.”


Exploring the decision-making process of men’s branded underwear consumers,” Rosanna Shouli, master’s degree thesis, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2007. The author reports:

“The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of involvement, brand loyalty, and gender in the purchase of men’s branded underwear… interviews were conducted with fifteen department store shoppers… The majority of participants were either high involvement/brand loyal, or low involvement/not loyal.”

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