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Lots more numbers, deemed “crazy sequential”

Inder J. Taneja, who several months ago wanted to show you some simple numbers, now wants you to see some numbers, and so he presents them to you in this paper:

Crazy Sequential Representation: Numbers from 1 to 11111 in terms of Increasing and Decreasing Orders of 1 to 9,” Inder J. Taneja, arXiv:1302.1479, June 5, 2013. He writes, using the royal “we”:

“In this work we put the natural numbers starting from 1 to 11111 in terms of 1 to 9 in two different ways. The first one in increasing order of 1 to 9, and the second one in decreasing order. In both cases some numbers are difficult to achieve. The operations used are only addition, multiplication and potentiation. To carry out these crazy sequential representations, thousands of combinations were considered.”

Here are some of Inder J. Taneja’s new batch of many numbers:

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