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Slow Bite™ — Bite Slow and Fight Obesity (new patent)

“Overweight [sic] and obesity are some of the most common health and social problems. Millions of people suffer from overweight [sic], which is considered to be a main cause for diseases and early death. “

So what’s to be done? The quote above comes from a new US patent (Feb. 19th 2013) which offers a solution in the form of  Slow Bite™ – which is a ‘Device and method for restraining food intake’. Inventor Dr. Erella Pines who is founder of and consultant for the Nobesity company, based in Haifa, Israel, explains (via the patent)  that :

“The present invention thus consists of a restraining device which is being anchored in the upper and lower jaws, consisting of an elastic element which is inserted into two respective inter-proximal spaces (IPSs) of said upper and said lower jaws and reduces and/or limits the mouth opening and/or slows down the rate of chewing. “

pointing out too that :

“Slow and thorough chewing enables better and more complete absorption of the food in the stomach, and decreases the hunger feeling.”

More details on the Slow Bite™ can be found via the Nobesity website

“How does it work?
Before mealtime, the user inserts the Slow Bite™ intra-oral disposable device between the teeth in the upper and lower jaws using an applicator. The device controls the degree to which the mouth can open during food consumption. Slow Bite™ is easily removed after the meal.
The device (moderately) limits mouth opening and as a result, prompts the user to take smaller bites of food. The device moderates eating without spoiling the pleasure associated with eating and without impairing speech. Slow Bite™ is small and can be used without embarrassment when dining in company.”

And there is a (very short) video demonstration here (in Hebrew) showing an Israeli TV presenter locating the device into her inter-proximal spaces [scroll to 1:45].


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