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Updated list of new patents for golfballs (Dec. 2012)

The number of new US golfball patents fell back to disappointingly average levels this December – down almost 28% on November’s figures.

• Golf balls having at least two core layers formed from HNP compositions

• Low lift golf ball

• High performance golf ball having a reduced-distance

• Multi-piece golf ball comprising low hardness gradient core

• Very-low melt flow thermoplastic composition for golf ball core layers

• Multi-layer core golf ball

• Golf ball with a non-ionomeric inner cover, stiff TPU intermediate cover, and cast thermoset outer cover

• Golf balls with clusters of dimples having non-uniform dimple profiles

ALERT: DON’T MISS! Coming soon, before the year ends! A partial Improbable analysis of the entire year’s golfball patents. In which figures are presented – graphs are plotted – and questions are asked.




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