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Things that sneak into the literature: Stuperspace

Odd bits of concoction occasionally find their way into otherwise somber research journals. Here’s one example:

Stuperspace,” V. Gates, Empty Kangaroo, M. Roachcock, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, vol. 15, nos. 1–2, February 1985, pp. 289–293. The abstract says:

“We prove, once and for all, that people who don’t use superspace are really out of it. This includes QCDers, who always either wave their hands or gamble with lettuce (Monte Zuma calculations). Besides, all nonsupersymmetric theories have divergences which lead to problems with things like renormalons, instantons, anomalons, and other phenomenons. Also, they can’t hide from gravity forever.”

BONUS: By the same authors: “Super G-String Field Theory“, and many more.

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