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Goldfish no golder when fed tomatoes

“Color of aquarium fishes has an important role in preference of consumers. Insufficient coloration reduces economical value and not meet consumer demands both.”

In other words, the ‘golder’ a goldfish is, the more valuable it might be. A team from the Fisheries Faculty at Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey (motto: “The university which brings illumination and enlightenment to society …“) therefore contrived a possible method of helping both the consumers and their suppliers. They hypothesised that feeding goldfish with tomato-supplements might make them golder. A three-month-long set of experiments with 255 goldfish followed – but the results could perhaps be described as lacklustre :

“The study showed that tomato powder as being natural carotenoid source was not found to be affective on the fish skin pigmentation.”

The paper : Investigation of the Effect of Tomato Powders as a Dietary Supplement on Skin Pigmentation of Goldfish was presented at the 2012 International Conference of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR-Ageng2012), Valencia, Spain. (motto : “Agriculture & Engineering for a Healthier Life” 

 Thanks to Heptagon @ Wikipedia for providing a tweakable goldfish photo.

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