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Male Avatars’ Dances – How attractive?

Does this ‘Male Avatar’ look attractive to you? What if he were to dance? Maybe you might form an opinion if you saw a video? In any event, you can participate in anonymous web-based research project now underway at the Universität Göttingen, in Germany, where Dr. Fink is a senior researcher. He heads the Evolutionary Psychology : Emmy Noether Research Group – which is running an on-line survey entitled: Attractiveness Perception of Men’s Dances.
If you participate, you can rate the attractiveness of the male avatar as he struts his stuff in various dance-videos.

Note: To take part, you must first sign the Informed Consent Form – but participating is, theoretically, almost entirely risk-free.

“There are no risks for involvement in this study, as none of the characters exists in reality in the form shown. Although we do not expect any harm to come upon any participant due to electronic malfunction of the computer, it is possible though extremely rare and uncommon.”

Further reading:

Dr. Fink’s lab has also undertaken studies which investigated :

• Male dance moves that catch a woman’s eye

• Digit ratio & numerical competence and

• Facial symmetry in young girls and boys from a slum and a control area of Ankara, Turkey

Other research projects here:


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