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Herring farts, Russian submarines & the PM on Swedish TV

Tonight the “Vetenskapens Värld” program on Sweden’s Swedish SVT2 network broadcast a pair of reports, back-to-back, about the Ig Nobel Prizes. Report # 1 is about the recent Ig Nobel Tour‘s visit to Stockholm. Report #2 focuses the history behind one part of that visit — the now-it-can-be-told story of how, some years ago, herring farts prevented the then-prime minister, Carl Bildt, from publicly accusing Russia of invading Sweden.

Here, below, are some screen shots from the broadcast. The reporters are Victoria Dyring and Malin Attefall. Watch the whole thing at the “Vetenskapens Värld” web site (the first report begins there at around the 19 minute mark, the second immediately following it, at about the 25 minute mark).

BONUS: A talk that Magnus Wahlberg, one of the Ig Nobel Prize-winning herring-fart scientists, gave a few months ago in Denmark.

BONUS: Immediately before this year’s Ig Nobel Tour of Scandinavia came the (10th annual) Ig Nobel Tour of the UK. Here are quick looks at a few bits of that — Steve Colgan’s diary about bits of the Ig Nobel tour in and around London: Part 1 and  Part 2.

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