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Computing Gibberish (part 2)

#2 ‘Implementing a Jabberwocky Gibberish Generator’.

In contrast to some computer-programme developers who create gibberish by jumbling word-orders (see Computing Gibberish (part 1)) others take a different approach, and scramble the letters of English words (somewhat) to generate pronounceable nonsense words, known as pseudowords or logatomes, similar to those found in ‘ Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

Mark Goadrich – Assistant Professor and the Broyles Eminent Scholars Chair in Computational Mathematics at the Centenary College of Louisiana, explains how one might devise such a creation using three probabilistic models of word creation that become progressively more accurate –  here.

The professor has kindly supplied Improbable with a selection of auto-generated gibberish, which we have crafted into a short free-verse poem entitled ‘Dilutivenefistreastackneericalized’.

*   *   *

“Eupher were the electroloes,
Acque zippinked the doons,
Travisonalight timensionster,
Ence bumpets, offismand.”

*   *   *

The article (CSC207 – Lab 12 Gibberish Generator) is published in the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Volume 26 Issue 5, May 2011.


Sir Ian Mckellen recites Jabberwocky.

Marianne Faithfull sings ‘Jabberwoc’. [sic]

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30 minutes (or so) of gibberish, provided in CD format, just $16.98 from

A gibberish video from the Laughter Yoga Institute.

An explanation of nuclear power from Henry Sthimblethrow of the International Atomic Research Association.

This concludes Improbable’s short series on ‘Computing Gibberish’.

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