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Dinosaur hunter Horner hoax? Huh?

Investigator Virginia Cox sent us this note:

If you, like me, like dinosaurs, you have been following the adventures of paleontologist Jack Horner. He is my hero. Can you or one of your readers tell me, though, if this is a hoax?

A newspaper called the Bozeman Magpie has this report: “Famous Paleontologist Jack Horner Marries 19-year-old MSU Student

I looked on Jack Horner’s page on Wikipedia. The very first thing it says is: “John ‘Jack’ R. Horner (born June 15, 1946) is an American paleontologist who discovered and named Maiasaura, providing the first clear evidence that some dinosaurs cared for their young.”

Those words feel a lot different in light of this new romantic news.

Then I looked up the name of the young lady, and found a facebook page. It says she is married to “John Horner“, and shows a wedding photo of her and her husband. It lists the “people who inspire Vanessa”. There are: “Dinosaurs, John Wayne, Barney, and John R. Horner”. Then something really strange. Under the heading “Activities” it lists only one thing: “Don’t dump a girl, and then get mad when she finds someone else”.

Did the master get tired of looking for old things, and instead go hunting for young ones? Or is this a hoax? Or am I crazy? Now I’m wondering if his name really is “Horner” — it seems a little too descriptive.

If anyone can help answer Investigator Cox’s letter, please do.

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