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Heavens on and off the earth

Nicholas Heavens [pictured below] is a postdoc in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University. Heavens has turned his wond’ring gaze to what happens on our own planet and to the goings-on elsewhere. You might enjoy reading his take on Martian dust distribution:

Heavens, N.G., Richardson, M.I., Kleinbhöl, A., Kass, D.M., McCleese, D.J., Abdou, W., Benson, J.L., Schofield, J.T., Shirley, J.H., and Wolkenberg, P.M., 2011. “The vertical distribution of dust in the Martian atmosphere during northern spring and summer: Observations by the Mars Climate Sounder and analysis of zonal average vertical dust profiles,” (2011) Journal of Geophysical Research E116 (4): E04003



(Thanks to investigator Tom Gill for bringing Heavens to our attention.)

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