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Updating Vertical Burial (new patent)

California-based inventor Donald E Scruggs has been granted another patent relating to non-horizontal burial containers. His previous invention – The Easy Inter Burial Container (See: Improbable Research, 2010/02/05) provided, for the first time, “… a series of burial containers which can be pressed, agitated, screwed and or self bored into a receiving material and provide low cost interment methods”.

The new invention, Edged non-horizontal burial containers (US patent 8,046,883 November 1, 2011) makes further progress towards time-and-space-saving vertical interment methods.

The device will not only cut the costs of those faced with the expenses of a burial, but will also be of interest to owners of graveyards – for, as the inventor points out :

“The future business of a cemetery is based not only on maintenance of filled graves, but on the number of empty grave sites remaining within the cemetery.”

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