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“Vaginas should smell like vaginas”

Kate Clancy, an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois, writes (in her blog Context and Variation) about her Ig Nobel experience:

Vaginas should smell like vaginas, not flowers: my 24/7 Ig Nobel talk

By Kate Clancy

Last Thursday, a number of dreams I didn’t even know I had were fulfilled: talking about vaginas in front of over a thousand people at Sanders Theatre at Harvard University, singing the  Elements Song with Nobel Laureates and  Amanda Palmer (I KNOW!!!), making jokes about the effects of coffee as a diuretic as I, aforementioned Nobel Laureates, and Ignitaries served as the chorus for a Coffee Opera, and did I mention I talked about vaginas at Sanders Theatre at Harvard?

To watch the 24/7 talks, start at 0:55; to watch mine in particular, start at 1:00. I even get to give two different 7 word descriptions. ETA: To understand the context of the 24/7 talk, see this post I wrote in August on vaginal pH and douching.

I had a great time with all involved. The Ig Nobel crew were efficient, funny and kind. I can only hope to be funny enough to be allowed back again one day.

BONUS: Photo of V-Chip Monitor William J. Maloney trying to assess, in real time, whether Professor Clancy’s lecture accords with public standards of decency. Human Curtain Rod Debra Wise looks on. Photo: Alexey Eliseev / Improbable Research.

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