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Kickboxing spit content irrelevancy

Big news, in the form of a published study, for anyone who is fascinated by kickboxing and spit:

Effect of a kickboxing match on salivary cortisol and immunoglobulin A“, Alexandre Moreira, Franco Arsati, Ynara Bosco De Oliveira Lima-Arsati, Emerson Franchini and Vera Cavalcanti De Araújo, Perceptual and Motor Skills, 2010 Aug;111(1):158-66. The authors, at the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, explains:

“The hypothesis that salivary cortisol would increase and salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) decrease after a kickboxing match was tested among 20 male athletes. Saliva samples collected before and after the match were analyzed…. This study indicates that a kickboxing match might increase salivary concentration and thereafter it could be considered a significant source of exercise-related stress. On the other hand, the effect of a kickboxing match on mucosal immunity seems not to be relevant.”

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