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Ig Nobel talks in Groningen, tonight

Tonight, June 4th, in Groningen, The Netherlands, The Night of Arts & Science, will among numerous other things, present Improbable Research. Kees Moeliker will explain how and why he won the Ig Nobel Biology Prize in 2003. Our European Bureau Chief will also talk about the achievements of other Ig Nobel winners. His talk starts at 21.45 in the Senaatskamer (see picture) of the Academiegebouw. Later that night (at 23.45h) he will join the DWDD-talkshow in Forum Images, to elaborate on the history of Dead Duck Day. After midnight a local pop group called ‘Dead Duck Day‘ will perform (because it is Dead Duck Day!).

BONUS: And on Sunday night, come to Rotterdam for the traditional Dead Duck Day celebration on the spot where it all happened.

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