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Postdoc listing: “Relevance to Shaving”

Today’s Postdoc Job Listing of the Day is from Eindhoven University of Technology. The listing says:

Postdoc: Skin layer mechanics of relevance to shaving

From a scientific point of view, this work will be unique and novel, and helpful for validating FE [Finite Element analysis] models, and failure/damage thresholds of skin predicted from FE models. E.g., we can visualize and quantify at which stress/strain, the cells, or fibrils deform or before they to rupture….

BENEFITS: Gross monthly salaries are in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement of the Dutch Universities (CAO NU), increasing from € 2861 per month initially, to € 2977 in the second year. An attractive package of fringe benefits (including excellent work facilities, end of the year allowance and sport facilities).

(Thanks to investigator Pele Walle for bringing this to our attention.)

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