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Small-plastic-ruler-metrology author speaks

Ted Doiron, senior author of the report Length Metrology of Complimentary Small Plastic Rulers, has just written us about this week’s newspaper column, which describes that monograph:

Only the Internet would allow a small, and slightly silly, work from 1994 to show up in a newspaper 17 years later. I am thrilled with your article about our ruler study. My son, and co-author, had just graduated from Robert Frost Middle School, and he spent the summer measuring rulers. It was a high budget project that cost me a Coke and bag of Fritos for every ruler measured. Sometimes health takes a back seat to Science.

Thank you again.
Ted Doiron

BONUS: Ted reminds us of something for which we are very grateful, and of which we had not realized he was a part:  Ted was one of the people who helped save the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony in 1995 when someone was waging a small, intense war to kill it.  Ted says: “Among the many things on my office walls is a framed ‘FIG Friend of the Ig, 1995‘ certificate.”  Thanks again to Ted Doiron, and to all the other people who valiantly helped save the Ig.

BONUS: Ted is also author of the monograph “Gauge Blocks – A Zombie Technology,” Theodore D. Doiron, [NIST] Journal of Research, vol. 113, no. 3, May 1, 2008, pp. 175-84. [PDF]


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