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Headline: Unattractive country-music lovers

Today’s Headline of the Day is from the Daily Mail. It’s atop a breaking news story based on someone else’s blog item that mentions, among other things, a study that’s more than two decades old:

How a bad taste in music really CAN ruin a relationship

The study is “Effects of Associating with Musical Genres on Heterosexual Attraction“, Dolf Zillman [pictured here] and Azra Bhatia, Communication Research, April 1989 vol. 16 no. 2, pp. 263-288. It tells how, among a particular group of college students, “A date’s devotion to country music was found to diminish attraction in respondents of both genders”.

(Thanks to investigator Rose Fox for bringing this to our attention.)

(Our Headline of the Day calls out research that may or may not be worth your attention.)

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