Dimple Creation – a fresh approach

“Dimples on cheeks are considered cute by many.” and ” The demand for surgically created dimples is increasing.” But both of the traditional methods for dimple-creation, i.e. blind coring of the soft tissue from the buccal mucosa to the dermis, or the placement of transcutaneous sutures – can be associated with untoward side effects.  Thus Dr. Mohan Thomas Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of The Cosmetic Surgery Institute Private Limited, Mumbai, India, and Founder President of the Indian Society of Cosmetic Surgery and The Academy of Anti Ageing Medicine, Mumbai / New York, has, along with colleagues Harikumar Menon, MCh and James D’Silva, MCh, DNB at the Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, India, just published details of an Improved Surgical Access for Facial Dimple Creation in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, November / December 2010 vol. 30 no. 6 798-801.

Their new methodology provides “… a safe and effective method for creating dimples through an open technique that replicates the anatomical basis of a natural dimple.” say the authors.

More biographical information on Dr. Thomas is available via his website :

“Dr. Thomas has been featured on several TV stations and no article in the print media is complete without a quote from him.”

“Dr. Mohan Thomas is an accomplished artist and sculptor and with his superior training and experience it is no wonder that he is considered to be one of the best in the world.”

“His level of comfort with his Diagnostic and Surgical skills, kind-heartedness and humble nature makes it a joy to watch him at work. His unique style of practice without a Big Ego and Arrogance is refreshing …”