Press release: Seen in a new light (Hamman)

This week’s Press Release of the Month was released more than a year ago. But it shines anew thanks to today’s news that the protagonist, Dr. William Hamman, turns out not to be a doctor (see the Associated Press report “Pilot duped AMA with fake M.D. claim“). Here’s the beginning of the press release:

WMU grabs more than $800,000 in grants

June 5, 2009

KALAMAZOO–Externally funded grants to Western Michigan University climbed to more than $800,000 in April, WMU trustees learned at their June 4 meeting. The one-month tally brings the University’s year-to-date grant total to nearly $26.4 million.

Research grants raked in the lion’s share–$606,215 in all–and were led by a new grant of $150,000 from the American College of Cardiology Foundation. That grant, to Dr. William Hamman, co-director of the WMU College of Aviation’s Center of Excellence for Simulation Research, and Beth Beaudin-Seller, College of Aviation research associate, will use simulation strategies…

BONUS: Unrelated except in name: the medical term “Hamman’s crunch

DOUBLE BONUS: The Retraction Watch blog discusses what might happen with non-Dr. Hamman’s studies that were published in medical journals.