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Computer beats a top human in Japanese chess

Investigator Shoichi Fukayama alerts us to news in the ongoing battle between humans and computers. Reports from Japan say that for the first time a computer has defeated a top-rank shogi player. Shogi is a game related to chess, and believed by many players to be of greater difficulty. A network of 169 computers bested the human. For details see these Japanese publications [for which we have provided computer-aided bad translations]:

Mainichi's photo documenting the defeat.

Mainichi: Female 市代 Shimizu Masaru Ou (41) and computer chess software “from there 2010” on October 11 a special game, was held in Tokyo in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo University, won the 86 soft hands. The players and computer game for 07 years Ryuuou Watanabe Akira “Bonanza” (Watanabe wins) and since the first female soft beat title holders

Asahi: 市代 female chess computer software Shimizu Masaru Ou (41) November 11 to challenge a special game, was held in the University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, won the 86 computers by hand. Defeated by a computer chess game is the first professional public. Ability of the chess software has improved every year, was finally to break the corner of professionals.

Yomiuri: 市代 Shimizu (Ichiyo) female Masaru Ou (41) and computer chess, “from 2010 Oh” and the 11th game, was held in the University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, won the 86 computers by hand. Professionals belonging to the Japan Shogi Association, defeated the first time in public computer.

Sankei: The Information Processing Society of chess Shimizu Masaru Ou 市代 female (President Norio Shiratori) chess computer systems “2010 Oh” 7:00 pm in a game 11 was the most challenging, and has won them a moving second red . In public, Japan Shogi Association Computer (President Tsuyoshi Kuni Takeshi Yone) of the players broke for the first time.

Tokyo NP: The leading female chess world, female 市代 Shimizu Masaru Ou (41) October 11 game with special computers is done in the University of Tokyo Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, advanced chess software in the hands of 86 female Shimizu Masaru Ou initiative lost to the combined system.

Komazakura: Shimizu, 2007 game vs Susumu Ou-century female computer, Watanabe Ryuuou was defeated. Was born three years after the time spent since then, the world’s No.1 computer software “and 2010 there.” Akira bringing together the wisdom of the IPSJ, the excellent professional players born 超Erubeku the top! Won a season total of 43 engage in the first place title in history, Shimizu Masaru Ou female 市代 棋界’ve been running a top female 20 years!

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