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Bearded ornithologists (7): Spy

professor Jon FjeldsaJon Knud Bøgh Fjeldså (Norway, 1942) is a Danish ornithologist, and Darwin look-a-like. Currently he is professor of biodiversity at the University of Copenhagen and in charge of the bird collections of the Natural History Museum of Denmark (ZMUC). Professor Fjeldså is the world authority on grebes and worked for more than a decade on birds of the high Andes. He established the 2nd largest avian tissue collection in the world for genetic studies and now focuses on (birds of) afromontane forests, with fieldwork mainly in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania.

In 1961-1962, before studying biology in Bergen, he was a spy working on Norwegian-Soviet border where he obtained detailed technical information on the Kalashnikov AK-47 (7.62 mm).

Professor Fjeldså is member 377 of the Adventurers Club of Denmark, and is renowned for walking bare foot (pers. obs. 22th International Ornithological Congress, Durban, South Africa, 1998).

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