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Logical Eyebrow Peak Landmarks

“The aesthetically appealing eyebrow shape has been defined by its arch, located near the junction between the medial two-thirds and lateral one-third. The position of this arch has been historically described by arbitrary anatomical landmarks that have no logical structural relationship.”

These observations feature in the latest eyebrow-related research from Dr. Bradon Wilhelmi, the Leonard J. Weiner Professor and Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery in the Department of Surgery at University of Louisville.
Along with colleagues Sylvia Pham and Arian Mowlavi, MD, the professor examined the eyebrows of 50 subjects, taking measurements from the medial aspect of the eyebrow to the a) deep temporal fusion line (ridge), b) eyebrow peak (arch), c) lateral aspect of the brow, and d) lateral limbus. The objective of the study was determine if the deep temporal fusion line can act as a more accurate and functional landmark than prior, and some say illogical, anatomical landmarks for the eyebrow peak position. The new eyebrow measurements demonstrated that the deep temporal fusion line is the most precise indicator of brow peak position among all examined landmarks.

“The lateral limbus and medial two-thirds lateral one-third junction more accurately predict brow peak in females, but the deep temporal fusion line is an equally reliable predictor of brow peak for males and females.”

The conclusions could have implications for those contemplating (or performing) endoscopic brow lift procedures.

“These findings suggest that placement of endoscopic brow lift incisions and subsequent fixation points may be best defined along the deep temporal fusion line.”

The research is published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, May/June 2010; 30 (3)

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