Towards an ‘Unhappening Engine’

Can judicious Dirac-tickling of the local vacuum cause something to ‘unhappen’?  There may be possibilities, according to the latest ‘Technical Summary’ published by the Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS) which outlines the concept of an ‘Unhappening Engine’. As T. E. Bearden, President and Director of Research for ADAS explains, such an engine would centre around ‘Reality Engineering’ a.k.a. ‘Precursor Engineering’ – based on the newly discovered axiom :

|VPF| ≡ |LLLT| ≡ |Energy| ≡ |Physical Reality|

Put simply:

“…for essentially ‘unpatterned’ addition of negative energy/negative probabilities to the vacuum bubble ‘happening/creative’ structure, the structure contracts and the last highest positive energy thing that was being ‘happened’ is ‘unhappened’ and ceases to be (ceases being created).”

These findings, according to the author, have “tremendous ramifications” which could benefit mankind. Allowing for example the creation of anti-ageing devices, free-energy systems, and even cures for currently intractable diseases. But, as with almost any technological development, there may also be less benign military applications. And although none are mentioned in this current report, clues can perhaps be found in a previous paper by the same author – written back in 1979, and now hosted by the US Govt. Defense Technical Information Center (‘Provider of DoD Technical Information to Support the Warfighter’)
‘A mind/brain/matter model consistent with quantum physics and ufo phenomena ‘ claims that it might be possible to turn anything – presumably including enemy weapon systems, or even perhaps entire warfighting scenarios – into their opposites. Thus, in a sense, unhappening will have been realised. (See diagram below)

Further DTIC tech. documents to support the warfighter, from the same author, include:

• Photon Quenching of the Paranormal (Time) Channel: A Brief Note

• Quiton/Perceptron Physics: A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena.

• Field, Formon, Superspace, and Inceptive Cyborg: A Paraphysical Theory of Noncausal Phenomena,

• A Postulated Mechanism that Leads to Materialization and Dematerialization of Matter and to Antigravity.