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Wansinks big on the last supper

Brian Wansink (who won an Ig Nobel Prize in 2007 for his experiment with a bottomless soup bowl) has a new study. The Los Angeles Times reports:

In a bid to uncover the roots of super-sized American fare, a pair of sibling scholars has turned to an unusual source: 52 artists’ renderings of the New Testament’s Last Supper.

Their findings, published online Tuesday in the International Journal of Obesity, indicate that serving sizes have been marching heavenward for 1,000 years…. To reach their conclusion, Wansink and his brother Craig, a biblical scholar at Virginia Wesleyan College, analyzed 52 depictions of the meal the Wansinks call “history’s most famous dinner party” painted between the year 1000 and the year 2000.

(Thanks to investigator Rick Rae for bringing this to our attention.)

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