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Thesis: The swear words in a movie

“Communication has an important role in the society. Without communication, people cannot understand each other”

And one very specific type of communication – the swearword – has been selected for special attention at The Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia – which is in the process of compiling one of the most comprehensive databases regarding swearing in American movies.
Their latest publication on this subject is ‘A Study of swear words used by all characters in the movie The Nutty Professor
The investigation had two principal findings … the first had to do with the type of swearwords which were used – “From the analysis, the writer finds out that the anatomical term is the most frequent swear word classification that is used by the characters in the movie.” The second finding reveals the swearwords’ main purpose – “…the writer finds out that the most frequent of principal purposes that is used by the character is to insult.”
The ‘Nutty Professor’ study was preceded by ‘An Analysis of swear words in Jackass: The Movie’ and  ‘Swear words produced by the main characters in the movie “Bad Boys II”’.

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