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“Sunny Finance”

In these days of gloomy economic outlooks comes a conceptual optimistic antidote in the form of  ‘Sunny Finance’. “It can improve people’s trust in government, what is necessary to construct the harmonious society.” say researchers Xiaohui Xu and Guangyu Wang from Shenyang University, China – the authors of a recent research paper on the subject. They point out that  “’Sunny finance’ is an inevitable requirement of public finance.” and that “…it deserves deepening researches on how to construct the frame of ‘sunny finance’ and make it be systematic and institutional.”
But what exactly is ’Sunny finance’?… “The essence of ‘sunny finance’ is lawful financing, scientific financing, and democratic financing.” explain the authors. However, creating and maintaining  ’Sunny finance’ on an international footing has a requirement which may currently prove problematic – at least in some countries: “The precondition for constructing ‘sunny finance’ is to build ‘sunny government’.”
The paper, from the journal Asian Social Science, Vol. 4, No.11, can be read in full here.

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