Brassiere specialist: man makes his points

bra-points-patentBrassiere Having Simulated Nipples,” U.S. patent #3976083, issued to Jakob E. Schmidt of Charlestown, Indiana, on Aug 24, 1976. (Mr. Schmidt also was granted patent # 4241737 for a “Brassiere Having Simulated Nipples and Attachable-Detachable Nipple Simulators” and patent #4127128 for the identically-named “Brassiere Having Simulated Nipples and Attachable-Detachable Nipple Simulators,” .

Patent #3976083 is for:

A brassiere is disclosed having cups which are provided with a nipple-like protuberance simulating the bulge of a natural nipple. The nipple-like bulge or protuberance may be a built-in component of the
brassiere, usually situated under the fabric of the cup; a component which is permanently attached to the external surface of the brassiere cop; or an individual structure which may be attached to or detached from the brassiere cup as will, by means of several linkage and attachment mechanisms… simulated nipples for a brassiere would offer an acceptable compromise for ladies who do not wish to go without a brassiere and a welcome release from the subconscious effects of the suppression brought on by wearing brassieres of the types variously available, which obliterate the nipple…

[That’s from “Boys Will Be Boys,” in AIR 15:4.]