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Paxton on sea monsters in London, Nov. 7

architeuthis04_250wOn November 7th 2009, the Centre For Inquiry in London is hosting a one-day event titled Monsters From the Deep!

The day kicks off at 11am and will include both talk and workshop sessions. Charles Paxton of the University of St. Andrews, well known for his work on statistical ecology, will be giving a talk titled ‘Anecdotes, statistics and sea monsters’. The belief that anecdotal data (in this case, reports of sea monsters) can be dismissed wholesale is naïve, as analysis can still reveal meaningful inferences (make sure you see Paxton (2009) for more on this). Charles will also be leading a workshop on ‘Ecology of aquatic monsters’. A very belated congrats to Charles, incidentally, for his 2002 Ig Nobel Prize for Bubier et al. (1998).

So writes Darren Naish in Tetrapod Zoology.

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