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Today is Dead Duck Day

Today is Dead Duck Day. Like last year, the short open-air ceremony is open to the public. Please come and commemorate the sudden and dramatic death of the mallard duck that entered the scientific literature as the first ever recorded victim of homosexual necrophila in this species, and discuss (new) ways to prevent birds from colliding with glass. The necro-duck will be there and so is his keeper (me). Dr Daniel Klem Jr , who has studied bird-glass collisions for more that 35 years, has send a special message (that will be read), and I will read some appropriate passages from my book ‘De eendenman‘ (The Duck Guy). After it is all over, everybody is invited to the Tai Wu restaurant and join for the traditional six course duck dinner.

The ceremony starts at 17.55h sharp, the actual moment the duck lost his life in 1995.

Where? On the lawn next to the new glass pavilion [see photo below] of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, Westzeedijk 345 (Museumpark), Rotterdam, the Netherlands. (Click here for more detail, in Dutch)

If you can not come, please celebrate Dead Duck Day elsewhere.

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