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Pringles technical intrigue in South Africa

Following on the heels of (or perhaps preceding the toes of — the events timeline is a bit fuzzy) the news that a British court has clarified the legal status of Pringles comes Pringles news of a highly technical nature (provided by in South Africa:

Promoting the ‘perfect’ chip

The new campaign was developed from a total tactile perspective reinforcing the brand’s unique value proposition.

Jason Frichol, chief brand activist for the Fore Good Group says: “…The 80 Perfect Pringles creative messaging platform was developed to reiterate the brand’s unique quality and value traits.”

This is (so far as we are aware) the first public mention of the concept of “total tactile perspective”, technical specifications for which have yet to be released. A Fore Group press release directed us to the South African Pringles web site, which greets visitors with a mysterious message about a Pringles-related or Pringles-infused “trip of a lifetime”. The message (a screen capture of which appears below) reads:

“Pringles would like to apologise for a printing error which has seen a competition communicated in some magazines to ‘win a trip of a lifetime with Pringles’. This was an unfortunate error, and Pringles regrets any confusion caused.”

What is a “trip of a lifetime with Pringles”? Even the first step in answering this question presents difficulties. Was this going to be (1) a trip of “a lifetime with Pringles” or (2)  a “trip of a lifetime”, with Pringles? If the latter, then were the Pringles meant to be companions or comestibles? We would appreciate, to a small degree, hearing from anyone who can provide knowledgable answers to these questions.

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