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Horsetail: Kervran’s inspiration

1993 Ig Nobel Biology Prize winner Louis Kervran’s discoveries (among other things, Kervran said that that the calcium in chickens’ eggshells is created by a process of cold fusion) inspired a video producer to make this micro-documentary. Most biologists are unaware of Kervran’s theories, just as Kervran himself may have been aware of much of biology.

The video’s narrator reads from a printed document that explains that:

French biologist Corentin Louis Kervran (Ig Nobel Prize winner) discovered biological transmutations.
Silicon can transmute itself into calcium in the human body.
Silicon + Carbon = Calcium.
Silicon increases calcium absorption.
Horsetail extract is a very good source of silicon.
Calcium supplements will barely work without silicon.
Silicon makes human skin more beautiful.

Silicon aids bone and cartilage development.
Silicon is powerful against osteoporosis.
Silicon has many other potent health benefits.

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