The Rodriguez file

?? the enclosed text [see below] shows a curious straight line in the centre of the third paragraph. There are six rows of gaps between letters aligned by a coincidence in their positions. And then in the next five too. The word ?lucubrations? which I had to correct after I wrote ?elucubrations? would not have changed the straight line and when properly written would have made up for another group of aligned gaps also six times. I think that this is quite a rare event. [?] I would like to explore the statistical chances of getting such a line ??

So writes investigator Mercedes Rodriguez Escudero from Almere, the Netherlands, in a letter to us, dated 25 April 2008. Academic circles did not provide her with an answer??Not even a polite answer of reject.? Now, by sending a letter to Improbable Research she seeks ?attention of a truly scientific group?.

Investigators who need or want further details can contact me at improbable AT, where the full text (?in that page I offend holy Sigmund Freud?) is available for research.

The Rodriguez text