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George Bush, scholar (continued)

Investigator Edmond Orignac contributes to the MAY WE RECOMMEND: The Science of G. Bush project:


It should be noted that there was a George Bush who was a professor of Hebrew and Oriental Litterature at the New York City University (I guess this was the old name of CUNY) in the 1830s.

George Bush has authored a Grammar of the Hebrew language that has been digitalized by Google.

George Bush was also a Bible scholar. A notable work of George Bush is “The millenium of the Apocalypse“.

Other works include:
Resurrection of the Body
The book of numbers
New Testament

George Bush is also the author of an anticlerical pamphlet
entitled “Priesthood and Clergy unknown to Christianity

He was apparently a Swedenborgian:

Statement of reasons for embracing the doctrines and disclosures of Emanuel Swedenborg
Mesmer and Swedenborg
Response to Ralph Waldo Emerson on Swedenborg
Reply to Dr. Woods lectures on Swedenborgianism

There are probably other works by this author that have not been digitalized, but might be found via the Library of Congress.

I hope that theology and oriental litterature can be a valuable addition to the Science of George Bush.


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