Scholarship on a bag: Polenta

Investigator Jim Barfield writes:
PolentaCornChips.jpg“The Good Health Natural Foods Company produces some pretty good olive oil potato chips and have recently come up with Solea Polenta Corn Chips. The back of the bag states:

Polenta can be traced back to ancient Rome, where early civilizations toasted corn over a hot fire and then ground it into a coarse meal.

Versatile and nutritious, polenta has been cherished throughout the ages for its many health benefits and complex flavors.

“Considering that corn originated in central and south America, it seems rather improbable that it could have arrived in Rome before Columbus brought it back in 1493. Polenta was made from other grains for centuries, but in ancient Rome, it sure as hell was not made from corn.

“I emailed the company, asking them to prove me wrong, but, for some reason, they have not replied.”