Correction question

Investigator Chris McManus writes: How’s this for a correction from this week’s Nature? All that number of authors and they still managed to leave 13 off… And can those thirteen be authors of the correction saying, “We inadvertently omitted the names of the following authors”. Is it possible to inadvertently omit one’s own name from […]

Mankind’s greatest achievements

Philosopher-Accountant James Mahoney writes: I used to think that mankind’s greatest achievements were narcotic pain relief (physical pain is horrible) and air conditioning (being cool and dry when it’s hot and humid is wonderful). Now I’m starting to think it’s the modern supermarket. What do you think? UPDATE: Investigator Robert Bendesky responds: In 1976, Viktor […]

To choose upon a star

(Research has shown that) if women could choose who they’d like to be impregnated by, they’d choose a rock star. So says Daniel Levitin, musician and associate professor who holds the Bell Chair in the Psychology of Electronic Communication at McGill University, in an August 23, 2006 interview Wired News interview. (Thanks to investigator Jim […]

More pricks than kicks

How do porcupines make love? Wendy Cooper discovered the answer while poking around the basement of the Australian National University library in Canberra about five years ago. Cooper is a parasitologist. She studies parasites, not porcupines. She also, in the course of her work, studies scientific journals. That was how she acquired her professional knowledge […]

Improbable Research shows in Illinois

If you’re near Champaign, Illinois, come to the Improbable Research show on Wednesday, October 25, at 3:00 pm at the Beckman Institute. It will feature Ig Nobel Prize winners Dan Simons (attention and gorilla suits) and Theo Gray (the periodic table table) , and Ig Nobel winner George Goble’s colleague Joe Cychosz (the world’s quickest […]