Seminar: thin and thick passengers

AirplaneBoarding.jpgInvestigator Michael Storch alerts us to an upcoming seminar:


We analyse airplane boarding times. We attach to the boarding process a Lorentzian metric defined on the unit square which depends on parameters of the boarding process such as airline boarding policy, distance between rows, number of passengers per row and average aisle length occupied by passenger. … The model describes the asymptotics for an infinite number of passengers while realistic numbers are 100-200 passengers per aisle. … When passengers become a bit thicker there is another transition in which previously good airline policies become bad and vice versa. As it turns out, airline policies are implicitly designed for cardboard thin passengers while actual passengers are on the other side of the phase transition.

The lecturer is Dr. Eitan Bachmat, who is the world’s worst storage systems researcher. It all happens Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at 13:00 at the Department of Computer Science, Ben Gurion University. And there’s a nifty downloadable, er, flier.