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Glauber’s sweeping success

Congratulations to Ig Nobel sweeper
Roy Glauber
[click on the link to see an action photo], who has
just won a Nobel Prize in physics

For the past ten years, Roy has been a vital participant in the annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. By spontaneous tradition, the Ig audience throws paper airplanes at the stage during the entire ceremony (and the people on stage waft some of them right back). The airplanes accumulate so rapidly that it is necessary to have two people spend the entire ceremony sweeping them off. Harvard physics professor Roy Glauber has nobly, and stylishly, swept the stage for ten long years. Today, October 4, 2005, he was announced as the winner of a Nobel Physics Prize.

At the 1998 cermony, Roy also delivered a moving testimonial about Deepak Chopra, who won that year’s Ig Nobel Physics Prize "for his unique interpretation of quantum physics as it applies to life, liberty, and the pursuit of economic happiness." Here is the complete text of Roy Glauber’s tribute to Deepak Chopra:

There is not much that I need to tell you about relativistic quantum mechanics. There is not much I can tell you about relativistic quantum mechanics. Its achievements in the world of atoms and particles have been great. Its successes, on the other hand, in the world of psychiatry and emotional well-being have been few. And it is certainly not been known for them, particularly. Not, that is, until the recent work of tonight?s honoree. Success, of course, is a matter of definition. Relativity and quantum mechanics applied to personal well-being and psychiatry may or may not have done good, but they have certainly done well.
Thank you.

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